Product Name : WJF Series Server Rack

Model : WJF Series

WJF Series Server Rack
Q'ty :


  • Must follow ANSI/EIA RS-310-C, D, E, F criterions to manufacture
  • UL and CE-approved, and MIL-STD-167 tested
  • Main aluminum vertical rails uses squeeze aluminum pillars; an arc type appearance; material:
  • Flexible aluminum vertical rails can be set at the rack's front and back to meet the terminal wire's
    needs (it should have at least three grooves)
  • User can add the cable fixtures accordingly
  • Rack's external depth is 900mm, and its internal depth must reach 750mm
  • 6-way universal socket strips (1 set) with switch
  • 50 sets of catch nuts and panel screws are the standard outfit (you may add copper rails for your rack)
  • Flexible aluminum vertical rail's apertures must be able to install the M5 or M6 catch nuts,
    and aperture-to-aperture's distance must follow EIA RS-310C criterions
    (size cannot be smaller than 9.2 x 9.2mm)
  • Flexible aluminum vertical rail's thickness must higher than 2mm
  • Removable aluminum vertical rails can be adjusted forwards or backwards
  • Powder coated to protect against rust, oxidization, scratches, lacquer peeling, strong acid and alkali
  • Rack's side panel can be easily assembled and disassembled from the outside without using any tools
  • 2 sets of UL and CE-approved cooling fans as standard outfit
  • Fan size: 120 x 25mm (increasing the number of fans is optional)
  • Screw-less appearance for a smooth and clean look


Specification :

Order Code Capacity(U) Width(mm) Depth(mm)
WJF-41-615 41U 800 615
WJF-41-750 800 750
WJF-41-900 800 900
WJF-35-615 35U 800 615
WJF-35-750 800 750
WJF-35-900 800 900
WJF-30-750 30U 800 750



proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/WJF/WJF_Series_01.jpg proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/WJF/WJF_Series_02.jpg