Product Name : JM Series

Model : JM Series

19" Cabinet Rack
● According to ANSI / EIA RS-310D; DIN41491 (PART1); IEC297-2;
DIN41494 (PART7); GB/T3047.2-92 and ETSI standard.
● Baying together easy, quickly efficiently and firmly.
● International popular front mesh door, steel rear door.
● Optional cable entry on top cover and bottom panel, front door, rear door
and side panel can be removed facility; the bottom has the function of ventilation and rat-proof.
● Multiple lacing points and slotted rail brackets add cable-management conveniently.
● Adjustable feet and heavy duty castors are available.
● Multiple lacing points and slotted rail brackets add cable-management conveniently.
● There are available with various optional accessories.
Q'ty :

The JM Server Cabinet are exceptionally solid, and strong ;enabling them to be used for many applications.

The server cabinet rail brackets are pre-punched for built-in cable management. Multiple lacing points and
slotted rail
brackets add cablemanagement convenience.

The JM server cabinet / NETWORK RACK has removable rear plates which allow cable bundles to be easily
passed over
or under the JM's standard key-locking rear door.

This server cabinet is modular in design and you choose from three types of front doors, multiple rack rails,
fan tops, etc. 

SPCC ( Steel - Plate – Cold Rolled - Coil ).

Mounting profile: 2.0mm,others 1.2~1.5mm.

Surface Finish:
Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphoric, Cleaning, Power coating.

Maximum Static load of 800Kg, dynamic load 350 kg.

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