Model : Apup Series

The products using PIC chip control, to achieve multiple protections, and hidden design allows you to use more secure, more convenient operation.
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Application Scope:
Office desks, podiums, conference room desktops, kitchen countertops, book countertops, and a wide range of windows

How to use:
Touch the middle proximity mark for about 2 seconds (the RGB color light blinks green) Start the control system and
touch the middle sensor again.
The receptacle box is automatically lifted. When you want to retract the socket box after using the power, touch the
intermediate sensor mark.

The main feature

1.Connect power protection:
The products design the function of opening power in 2 seconds time, long press button for 2 seconds, the products can be automatic connect power, effectively avoid the error caused by touch frequently action, and better protection for children’s safe.

2.Light design:
open state RGB color light green light is always bright; rising process RGB color light flashes, in place after the blue light; rising process, half-way touch pause, bright blue light flicker; rise process, RGB color lights flicker; falling process RGB color lights flashing, in place after the green light; drop process, half-way touch pause, green light flicker; falling process, there are obstacles, RGB color lights flicker.

3.Anti pinch function:
the product back when there are any items in its movement range, the product stops back, RGB color lights flash, and then touch up . to return.

4.Anti-collision function:
When the product is raised, there is any item in its range of motion, the product stops lifting, the RGB color light flashes, and the touch is returned again.

5.The one key design:
The open and close at will, let a personal home furnishing environment safer, more perfect vision.

6.IP44 waterpoof design:
The structure design is solve the problem’s which not in the close sate to cause the leakage danger of moisture.

7.Any way with:
According to customer requirements, choose a variety of socket combination.

8.USB charging:
It is can be for widely products get 5V fast charging, such as iphone seriers mobile phone, Millet mobile phone. E.T.C.

9.Bluetooth function:
first turn on the panel power switch "knob volume switch". For the first time with the device, open your phone, tablet, computer or other device on the Bluetooth settings, and connected to the "BK8000L (ID number)", no matching code, connected, the speaker will be a tone, panel The indicator light is "green flashing". When the connection is canceled, turn off the "knob volume switch", the indicator light is off, or turn off the Bluetooth, the speaker will sound a beep, and the indicator on the panel will be "red and green flashing alternately".
(Bluetooth speaker function is limited to a series of products with Bluetooth module)


 The main technical parameters:
Rated voltage range: AC 95V-250V

Rated frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ

Rated current: 10A

Dimensions: 450mm * 112mm

Opening size: φ95mm


 Quick installation diagram
 Name Description:
(1), The product body

(2), desktop

(3), retaining ring

(4), washers

(5), fasteners

(6), screws


Installation order:
First with woodworking hole in (2) open φ95mm hole; (1) into the hole of (2) Insert (6) into the hole in (5), fixed to the threaded hole of (4) (without tightening); (3) and the installed (4), (5), (6) are rotated into (1) to the top; Use a screwdriver to adjust (6) the screws to tighten.

When the product is not smooth up and down, please check the power plug is loose; if loose put the power plug firmlyinserted, the product of the smooth and smooth. Please do not disassemble the product at will, because it may be due .
to improper installation of the product leakage and other dangerous.