Product Name : Slim Wall-Mount Rack

Model : JFWME Series

● Compatible with NEMA & Telcordia GR design.
● The slim wall-Mount enclosure is ideal for customers who need to keep equipment secure but are narrow on space.
● Slim design accommodates shallow network switches and patch panels in telecom applications.
● Sturdy wall-mount enclosure allows the cabinet to quickly be installed on
the wall, four mounting slots on the back for rapid wall mounting.
● Powder coating to fight against rust and oxidization.
● Two sections mounting profiles:
 I. At the upper of 3U swing mounting rails easy for wiring installation and equipment maintenance.
 II. At the middle of 4U mounting rails available for switches and routers.
● Cable entry at the top & bottom panels.
● Ventilation system at the bottom panel for heat radiating.
Q'ty :

JF Wall Mount Enclosure Series shall meet TIA/EIA standard requirements.
Wall Mount Enclosure Series shall be wall mountable with a rotating
3 RU(Unit) patch panel bracket and holds up to 3 RU equipment.

Conduit knockouts shall be included to route cables in and out of the enclosure.
Front door shall provide a right hand or left hand swing feature.

JF Wall Mount Enclosures are designed to provide an efficient way to
support cabling systems in open office architecture area. Refer to Small
Space Telecommunication Rooms.

JF Wall Mount Enclosures are ideal for minimal network connections (24-48)
located more than 90 meters from the Main Telecommunications
Room(Main Distribution Frame) to Small Space Telecommunication
Rooms(Index Distribution Frame).

JF Wall Mount Enclosures provides easy access to complete add,
changes and moves. It offers flexibility for building installations.
It also takes into consideration power, cooling, and protection of the active equipment,
plus additional cable management, dust proof and water protection.

SPCC (Cold-Rolled Steel ) .
Mounting profile: 0.8~1.0mm.

Surface Finish:
Degreasing,Picking,Phosphoric,Cleaning and Powder coating.