Product Name : Waterproof Bluetooth electronic lock

Model : JF-WBEL

• No need of network to unlock, no risk of
hacking attacks.
• Share key by network.
• The device password can be changed with
the guarantee card and NFC mobile phone
when forgetting the old one.
• Encryption technology patent, the trans
mission code by Bluetooth cannot be
Q'ty :

Operating Steps:

• Press the handle to wake up the lock.
• Unlock with the paired mobile phone and PHONEKEY app.
• After the electromagnet latch retracting, the handle will bounce and can open the door.
• The electromagnet latch will extend after 6 seconds retracting. Close the door and put the handle back to lock.



1. Our cloud service center constructed in HiNet Internet Service Provider (Chunhwa Telecom), the server does have strong
2. Except the hardware protection from internet service provider, our PHONEKEY has additional security mechanism.
3. The users’ id and password have been encrypted.
4. The share key downloaded from cloud server is a data which was encrypted by algorithm.
5. If the hacker tries to download the cloud key and entering wrong password for couple times, the share ey download process
    will suspended to avoid brute-force attack.
6. The downloaded share key will re-process by mobile phone’s app, then the original downloaded data an not forward to others
    for reuse.



When we use our NFC mobile phone to read the RFID guarantee card to reset the password, the authentication code
generated from RFID guarantee card is random generated, it means the re-setting authentication code can not be copied.






1. The development of the app is following the security criterion.
2. The normal operation does not need internet connection, which can avoid the unlock information expose under the internet.
    You can check this case.
3. Only legitimate paired keys can open the lock, the other illegal method must not able to do unlock.
4. The communication between App and the lock is encrypted by AES algorithm and TRIVIUM cipher.
5. The unlock key is random generated, it means each time the unlock key will be differen

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