Product Name : JW Series

Model : JW Series

19” Wall Mount Cabinet (Single Section)
● According to ANSI / EIA RS-310D; DIN41491 (PART1); IEC297-2;
DIN41494 (PART7); GB/T3047.2-92 and ETSI standard.
● Convenient, exquisite, elegant design, easy to assemble and disassemble.
● Quick and easy wall mounted 19” standard installation.
● Can from top and bottom going wire at the same time.
● Convenient and quick wall-mounted installing method.
● The front door can open over 180 °.
● Removable side panels.
● Protection grade: IP20.
● The front door is Acrylic.
Q'ty :

Extruded aluminum frame +SPCC ( Steel - Plate – Cold Rolled - Coil ) .

Surface Finish:
Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphoric, Cleaning, Power coating.

Maximum Static load of 60kg.

Specification  :

Dimension  : 

Images  :  

proimages/Wall-Mount_Rack_(19inch_Single_Section)/JW/JW_B01.jpg proimages/Wall-Mount_Rack_(19inch_Single_Section)/JW/JW_B02.jpg
proimages/Wall-Mount_Rack_(19inch_Single_Section)/JW/JW_B03.jpg proimages/Wall-Mount_Rack_(19inch_Single_Section)/JW/JW_B04.jpg