Product Name : SJF Series 19" Cabinet Server Rack

Model : SJF Series

Description :
SJF Series Server Rack Size/Capacity- is one of
the most important considerations, not only to
make sure that the server rack has the right
dimensions (height, width and depth), but also
how the server racks will fit into the
operating environment. This means checking the usable (inside) dimensions and the overall (outside) dimensions. You'll want to determine
if freestanding, desktop or wall-mounted server
racks will work best for your equipment and
environment, although most server racks that
house more than one server are generally
freestanding. Check the weight capacity of
the server rack to make sure it will work for your anticipated network equipment load.
Q'ty :

Server racks are designed and built to hold computers, servers, monitors, kvm switches, patch panels,
network equipment, production bench test equipment and other electronic equipment.
Server racks are used in a variety of industries such as

computers/technology, finance/banking, manufacturing, medical and almost any corporate setting that
could benefit from vertical storage of equipment. Server racks are an extremely important component
of any network. Quite often server racks are overlooked as just 'another piece of hardware'
or categorized under office furniture or shelving. Finding the right server racks can increase the
protection, security and ease of management of any network. Server Racks also save valuable floor
space and add a professional appearance to your facility.

Server racks come in a wide variety of preconfigured sizes, shapes and designs. Some options might
include features such as power / surge strips, fans, casters and glass doors. Server racks can typically
be adapted with adjustable shelves and other components to hold and protect your specific equipment.
Server racks can also be custom ordered and built to your exact specifications. Server racks generally
appear pretty similar and have a fairly narrow range of features and functions,

but there are some important differences among server racks that you should consider when making
a purchase decision.

Mat. : Aluminum
Cabinet Rack series:19" Cabinet Rack, Server Rack, Rack Cabinets, Rack Mount Instrument,
Server Racks, K/D Server Rack more.....

Features  : 

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Specifications:
    • Standard 19-inch rack
    • Must follow ANSI/EIA RS-310-C, D, E, F criterions to manufacture
    • UL and CE-approved, and MIL-STD-167 tested
  • Surface and structure:
    • Surface:
      • External width: 600mm
      • Height : 15~42U
      • Depth: 900mm
      • 1U for 44.45mm
    • Structure:
      • Must follow ANSI/EIA RS-310-C, D, E, F criterions to manufacture
      • UL and CE-approved,
      • and MIL-STD-167 tested
      • Main aluminum vertical rails uses squeeze aluminum pillars; an arc type appearance;
        material: AL6063T5
      • Flexible aluminum vertical rails can be set at the rack's front and back to meet the terminal wire's
        needs (it should have at least 
        three grooves)
      • User can add the cable fixtures accordingly
      • Rack's external depth is 900mm, and its internal
      • depth must reach 750mm
      • 6-way universal socket strips (1 set) with switch
      • 50 sets of catch nuts and panel screws are the standard outfit (you may add copper rails for your rack)
      • Flexible aluminum vertical rail's apertures must be able to install the M5 or M6
      • catch nuts, and aperture-to-aperture's distance must follow
      • EIA-Rs-310C criterions (size cannot be smaller than 9.2 x 9.2mm)
      • Flexible aluminum vertical rail's
      • thickness must higher than 2mm
      • Removable aluminum vertical rails can be adjusted forwards or backwards

Standard Size:

Order Code Capacity Width Depth
SJF-42-900 42U 600 900
SJF-41-615 41U 600 615
SJF-41-750 600 750
SJF-41-900 600 900
SJF-41-1000 600 1000
SJF-41-1100 600 1100
SJF-35-615 35U 600 615
SJF-35-750 600 750
SJF-35-900 600 900
SJF-30-615 30U 600 615
SJF-30-750 600 750
SJF-30-900 600 900
SJF-25-615 25U 600 615
SJF-25-750 600 750
SJF-25-900 600 900
SJF-20-615 20U 600 615
SJF-20-750 600 750
SJF-20-900 600 900
SJF-15-615 15U 600 615
SJF-15-750 600 750
SJF-15-900 600 900

H 1 W/O Caster High ( 85mm) , 1U= 1.75 Inch= 44.45mm



proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/SJF/SJF_Series_02.jpg proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/SJF/SJF_Series_02.jpg proimages/19_Cabinet_Rack/SJF/SJF_Series_04.jpg