Product Name : KDO-2 Post Series

Model : KDO-2 Post Series

19”Open Rack- Heavy duty
● According to ANSI / EIA RS-310C; IEC297-3 & ETSI rack mounting standard.
● Vertical rack structure accommodated industry standard 19” panel width.
● Plenty of accessories are available
(Such as cable management slot, hanging panel ,draw panel, etc.)
● Knock down design, easy to assemble and disassemble or delivery.
Q'ty :

SPCC ( Steel - Plate – Cold Rolled - Coil ).

Surface Finish:
Degreasing,Pickling, Phosphoric, Power coating.

Maximum Static load of 120kg.


proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_02.jpg proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_03.jpg
proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_04.jpg proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_05.jpg
proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_06.jpg proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_07.jpg
proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_08.jpg proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_09.jpg
proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_10.jpg proimages/19_Open_Rack/KDO_2_11.jpg