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Smart Hotel Self-Service Terminal

•Reducing front desk workload, saving front desk staffing and costs, increasing hotel benefits.
•Privacy Protection, increasing the amount of open rooms.
•Smart operation and management saving customer’s time to queue up and improve hotel performance .
•The machine operate with impartial and selfless, safety control if process to check in without identity card.
•Saving time and smoothly operation by front-office,
no one at the front desk becomes possible.
It brings convenient and comfortable new experience to
customers, increasing customers' praise.
•Future hotel standard configuration.



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Total Solution For Smart-Hotel

Why Smart Hotel

•Nowadays, with the help of the Internet+ model, it bring new business management to the hotel industry.
•The Wisdom Hotel adopts a variety of technical skills, combining the Internet of Things, Internet platforms, and mobile apps,PMSsystem, etc.
•Comprehensively enhance hotel value-added, improve service efficiency, increase occupancy rate, and save cost, increase profits

Self-service Check-in
•Saving customers’ time to queue up at the front desk for registration, you only need to scan the ID card at the self-service terminal.
•After the information is verified successfully, the terminal will issue the electronic room card and the electronic lock to open the room password,
and the smart home operation right will be assigned to the mobile phone immediately. The entire process takes only 30 seconds to be completed

It can complete the functions of hotel selection, reservation and payment.

PAYPAL, APPLE PAY and other methods (need to coordinate with financial institutions)

Booking Room Through APP

Open the Door by Smart Phone

•After check-in, the system automatically assigns the smart door lock to unlock
permission and password for the room.
•Use a mobile phone APP to unlock or enter a password to quickly open the door,
eliminating the inconvenience of keeping the room card.
•After the room expires or after check-out, the unlocking code will automatically
lose efficacy.

Linkage Function

1.When the guest opens the door lock, the room automatically powers on for 1 minute, automatically turning on the welcome light and turning on the room light, open the background music , TV dial and welcome screen, etc.
2. Bringing convenience and warmness to the guests.

Smart Control by Smart Phone
Hotel room full of smart home experience, mobile second remote control, free control of lights, curtains, Air conditioning, TV, bath tub, glass... Future technology is readily available.
Voice Control
1.Implement voice conversations through smart speakers or robots.
2.Voice control of smart devices such as lights, curtains, televisions, air conditioners, door locks, etc, as well as call various room services.


Smart Hotel Door Lock
1. Single or online version
2. Swipe to open the door, open the door of the mobile phone, open the password,open the identity card, and open the fingerprint.
3. To avoid guest room or front desk staff for the guests forget to bring the room card and open the house for guests to run around.
4. Open door linkage function.
Call Service by APP
Select the required service, send it to the management staff, wait for professional service.Room services and mobile phone APPs in hotels include ordering, loaning, booking, maintenance, cleaning, etc.
One Key Check-out by APP
After using APP to check out, you can leave the hotel directly without going to the front desk.
After receiving the check-out application, check the room and send an account to the mobile phone according to the room expenditure ,and inform deductions, return the deposit.


Interface with Hotel PMS System And Door-lock System
Affiliations do not need to change the hotel management system and door lock system,
just install this hotel self-help.
Terminals change intelligent hotel, intelligent background interface to provide docking services.
Smart glass


 Smart Guest Room Configuration

Hotel Self-Service KIOSK DM