Shelf series

Shelf series Shelf series Shelf series Shelf series Shelf series
model:JF-SCF-16 / JF-SCF-16L

Shelf series


• Safe charge and sync up to 16 smart devices, available for iOS & Android devices, each with individualize precise current sensor.
• Simultaneously charging and synchronization of all devices.
• Full rate iPad charging 2.5A (max 180W).
• Smart USB Multi-Charging Stations with DSP (Dynamic Smart Power) technology
• Plug & display–Plug the charging device by USB connector, switch and display power charging current value.
• LED status display indicates: Full charged, fast-current-charge, low-current-charge, or none connection.
• Watching and monitoring the selected channel charging current by push button or auto scan.
• Optional IP Control Module provides LAN access to manage up to 12,000 smart devices
• Overload and overheat protection by each sensor.
• Fanless design for a quiet, long-lasting performance
• USB cable management keeps the cables compact, neat, and tidy.


Model No.
Optional parts Optional parts Built with IP control module
(remote monitoring charging status)
Materials Mount shelf type
Slot dividers 17 (for 16 devices)
W x D x H : 440x 200 x 245 mm
N.W.: 4.80 KGS
Auto scan Time 1/3/5/10/15/20/25/30 Seconds
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50o C
Storage Temperature -20 ~ 60o C
Power 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Emission / Safety FCC, CE


1.Remote Monitoring Infrastructure

2. Observe the charging condition of the entire network


3. Graphic view all devices charging status by IP address on one screen

4. Tool to calculate power consumption and battery healthcondition


5. Export historic data

6. Plug & Display - Plug the charging device onto the USB connector,it auto-switches then displays the device charging current value


7. Provides both Autoscan and manual port status display



8. LED display each port charging condition:
Red light: Currently the port what you select
Green light flash quickly: Fast charging
Green light flash slowly: Slow charging
Green light light up constantly: Fully charging

9. Prioritize charging of devices that nearly completely discharged


10. Protect against Current Overload

11. Protect against Thermo Overload


12. Multiple smart devices data SYNC platform

13. Adjustable slot dividers for different size of smart devices.

model:JF-SCF-16 / JF-SCF-16L
Shelf series